Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Many Valuable Experiences

I have been having a great time at MVCC. I have had a lot of valuable experiences visiting classes, attending meetings, traveling, and visiting families. I also had an opportunity to share stories with everyone about Vietnamese culture and to learn more about American culture. 

I visited many classes related to ESL, history and geography, cultural anthropology, American Sign Language, world literature, etc. I learned about teaching methods and classroom behavior. I also had a chance to share a lot of information about Vietnam through my presentations on various topics, such as Vietnamese music, poems, crime, geography, healthcare and human services. I was very happy because everyone seemed to enjoy my presentations about Vietnam, asked many questions about my culture and the Vietnamese people. I was especially happy because they also seemed interested in visiting my homeland, Vietnam.

I also admired the way MVCC welcomed the students to the Spring Open House. As far as I know, Open House is designed to give prospective students the opportunity to know about the many academic opportunities available at MVCC and to provide students with the information they need to begin their path to academic and career success. I believe that this activity is useful for the students because they will learn about MVCC before they decide to study here. When I attended Open House, I had a chance to talk to some people and I found that the faculty and staff are very enthusiastic and devoted to their school. Everyone worked very professionally and actively because each center had an activity to welcome students. Moreover, it was a chance for me to learn how to work in a more scientific and organized way.

MVCC's Spring Open House

A table set up at Spring Open House
A table set up at Spring Open House
In addition to gaining a lot of experiences on many subjects and attending many activities, I also had a chance to enjoy some American food that I had never tried before. This experience will be very helpful for me to teach my students when I go back to Vietnam.

Chicken Futa
Chicken Francaise
American Salad

Entree: Glazed Cornish Game Hen with smashed potatoes, sauteed asparagus and apricot pistachio dressing
Two desserts!

Potluck at CCED

One week everyone at CCED had a potluck for me. I was very happy because everyone was friendly and nice. I love CCED very much! Although I just met them twice, I felt that they were close to me. I don’t know how to express my feelings, but I would like to express my deep gratitude to them all.

That same week, I had a chance to take a trip to New York City. It was a wonderful trip because I saw many beautiful landscapes that I had just seen on TV or on the Internet. I took many photos there and I will share these photos with my students when I go back to Vietnam. I would like to say thank you so much to Dennis Gibbons and Roman Santos. They were excellent tour guides.

Statue of Liberty
Ground Zero

One World Trade Center
Visiting a Christmas Tree Farm

Last Tuesday, I visited a Christmas tree farm. There I saw real Christmas trees; in the past, I had only seen artificial Christmas trees in Vietnam. I had a chance smell and taste a real Christmas tree. It taste likes orange. I will share this valuable experience with my colleagues as well as my students when I go back to Vietnam.

Thus far, I can say that my trip to MVCC has been wonderful because I learned a lot that I will share with everyone when I go back to Vietnam.

Since I will leave here in three weeks, it is too soon to say thank you and goodbye to everyone. However, this is my last blog at MVCC, so I would like to express my deep gratitude to The Board of Trustees, President Randall VanWagoner, and Dr. Sandra Engel who gave me a chance to visit MVCC, and my thanks to MVCC faculty, staff and students who helped me a lot during my visit to MVCC.

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  1. We've loved getting to know you Nhe! Thanks for spending time with us and sharing your experiences and culture with our community. So glad you chose to spend these weeks here at MVCC! - Carolyn